How to use location-aware printing


Windows 7 has a cool new feature that lets you automatically switch the default printer when you move from one network to another (for example, when you move your laptop from your home network to your work network). Here’s how you set it up:

1.- Click Start and in the search box, type Devices
2.- Click the link for Devices and Printers (You can also get to this through the Control Panel)
3.- Select a printer and click Manage Default Printers (note that you won’t see this on desktop computers, only on mobile devices)
4.- Choose “Change my default printer when I change networks”
5.- Select a network, select the default printer you want to use when on that network and click Add
6.- Do the same for each available network (If you’re at home, you obviously will have to wait until you’re at work where the work network is available before you can set up the default printer for that one)

Now when you connect to a new network, Windows 7 will automatically switch to the default printer that you specified for

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