How to search the web from the Start menu


The Search box on the Windows 7 Start menu is very cool, but you’ll notice that it says “Search programs and files.” What if you could search the web from that box, too? Well, if you have Windows 7 Pro or above, you can. You’ll need to use Group Policy to add Internet search to the Start menu. Here’s how:

1.- Click Start and in the search box, type gpedit.msc
2.- Press ENTER to open the Group Policy Editor
3.- In the left pane, under User Configuration, expand Administrative Templates
4.- Click Start Menu and Taskbar
5.- In the right pane, double click “Add Search Internet link to Start Menu”
6.- Click Enabled and then click OK
7.- Close the Group Policy Editor

Now when you type a search term in the Start menu’s Search box, you’ll see a link that says “Search the Internet.”

Of course, if you don’t want to have to click Start to do your Internet search, you could just put an Address toolbar on the taskbar by right clicking it, selecting Toolbars and then Address. This works in all editions of Windows 7 (and earlier versions, too).

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