How to create and mount VHD files

VHD is the virtual hard disk file format that is used as the hard disk for virtual machines in Microsoft Virtual PC. With Windows 7, you can create and mount these disks directly and access them in your host operating system. To create a new virtual drive, follow these

1.- Click Start and in the Search box, type diskmgmt.msc , then press Enter to open the Disk Manager.
2.- Click the Action menu and select Create VHD.
3.- Right click the VHD and select Initialize Disk, then right click the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume.

The VHD drive behaves like a regular drive; that is, you can install programs on it, drag and drop files to it, etc. To remove it, right click the disk (where it shows Disk 2 or whatever its number is) and select Detach VHD.

To mount a VHD drive (for example, one you’ve copied from another computer), do the following:

1.- In the Disk Manager, click the Action menu.
2.- Attach VHD.
3.- Choose the VHD file you want to

Now it will appear as a virtual drive in Windows Explorer, ready for you to use.

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