How to retrieve a forgotten security key for your wi-fi network


I recently got email from a reader who asked if there is any way to find out the security key for his home wi-fi network. He set up the network over a year ago and configured his computers to connect to it, and has been using it ever since. Now he has a new laptop that he wants to connect to the wireless network but he’s forgotten the key. Luckily, if you already have another Windows 7 computer that connects to the network, there is a way to retrieve the key. Here’s how:

1.- Go to the wi-fi enabled computer that’s connected to the network.
2.- In the notification area (system tray), click the Network icon.
3.- Right click the name of the wi-fi network and select Properties.
4.- Click the Security tab.
5.- Check the “Show Characters” checkbox.

This will display the key.

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