How to delete shadow copies


How to delete shadow copies

Shadow copies are great – this feature in Windows lets you access previous versions of your files and restore them to an earlier point in time. However, when Windows saves many previous versions, they can begin to take up a lot of space on your disk. This is especially troublesome if you’re using a modern faster (but lower capacity) solid state drive (SSD). You can delete shadow copies to free up disk space. Here’s

1.- Click Start and in the search box, type disk cleanup.
2.- Click the link that appears in the search results.
3.- Click “Files from all users on this computer.”
4.- Enter admin credentials if prompted to do so.
5.- Select the hard drive on which the shadow copies are stored if prompted (this selection will appear only if you have multiple drives).
6.- Click the More Options tab.
7.- Click System Restore and Shadow Copies, then click OK.
8.- Press the Delete key to verify that you want to delete the restore and shadow copies.

If you’re really pressed for space and don’t want Windows to make shadow copies, you can turn the feature off. See the instructions at

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