How to make a program always start in administrator mode


There are some programs, especially tools and utilities, that need to run in administrator mode in order to do what they’re intended to do. You can navigate to the executable file, right click it and select to run as administrator each time you want to run it, but that’s a bit of a hassle. Instead, you can create a shortcut that you can use to open the program in admin mode every time. Here’s

1.- First, make a shortcut on your desktop or in another location. Right click an empty space on the desktop and click New and then Shortcut.
2.- In the Create Shortcut wizard, browse to the location of the executable file and click Next.
3.- Give the shortcut a name and then click Finish.
4.- Now right click the shortcut and select Properties.
5.- Click the Advanced button.
6.- Check the box that says “Run as administrator” and click OK.

Now just double click the shortcut to start the program and it will automatically run in administrator mode.

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