How to shut down all running programs with one click


When you shut down or restart Windows 7, it sometimes spends a bit of time waiting for open programs to close. You can select to force close the programs, but then Windows immediately restarts or shuts down. What if you want to close all your running programs without shutting down? Here’s how you can create a shortcut to do just that:
1.- Right click an empty spot on your desktop and click New, then Shortcut.
2.- In the “Type the location of the item” box in the Create Shortcut wizard, type the following: taskill /F /FI “USERNAME eq ” /FI “IMAGENAME ne explorer.exe” /FI “IMAGENAME ne dwm.exe”
3.- Click Next.
4.- Type a name for the shortcut, such as KillAll
5.- Click Finish
6.- Right click the shortcut, click the Shortcut tab and click the Change Icon button
7.- Select an icon that you want to represent the shortcut, and click OK twice to close the dialog boxes

You can drag the shortcut to the taskbar so it will be visible when many windows are open

Now you can kill all running programs with the exception of Explorer.exe and the Desktop Window Manager (so you’ll still have the taskbar and shell). Note that when you use this “nuclear option,” programs you have open will shut down immediately without saving your work, so use it with caution.

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