How to change the wireless network priority

Many folks these days have more than one wi-fi network set up. You might have one that’s connected to your Ethernet network and another that’s entirely separate. That way, guests, the kids or others who don’t need access to the wired network can connect to the second wi-fi network, which allows them to access the Internet.

Your Windows 7 based wireless laptop will try to connect to those networks in the order in which they appear in its list of networks – which might or might not be the priority you prefer. The good news is that you can change the order of the wireless networks in your computer’s wi-fi properties. Here’s how:

1.- Click Start | Control Panel
2.- Click Network and Sharing Center
3.- In the left pane, click Manage Wireless Networks
4.- In the list of wi-fi networks, right click the one that you want Windows to try first, and select Move Up
5.- Move it up to the top of the list
6.- Click OK to close the dialog box

Now Windows will try your top priority network first, which should make connection a tad faster.

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