How to control sharing of files in a homegroup

One of the new features in Windows 7 networking is the homegroup, which makes sharing files (especially media) and printers between computers in a non- domain environment easier. Homegroup uses the Windows 7 libraries to do this. You can specify which libraries should be shared. Here’s how:

1.- Click Start and in the search box, type homegroup
2.- In the Change Homegroup Setting dialog box, check the boxes for the libraries you want to share from the list (Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents). You can also check to share printers here.
3.- Click Save Changes.

If you have specific folders within a shared library that you don’t want to share, here’s what you do:

1.- Navigate to that library in Windows Explorer.
2.- Click to highlight the file you don’t want to share or right click it.
3.- In the toolbar, or in the right context menu, click Share With and select “Nobody.” A “locked” icon will display on the file to let you know it’s not shared.

Alternatively, you can share the file only with certain people, by clicking “Specific people…” in step 3, and then selecting the user names of those with whom you want to share.

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