How do I use Remote Desktop over the Internet with a dynamic IP address?


Sometimes, I’d like to be able to access my desktop when I’m on the road, but I have no idea how to even get started using remote desktop. I’m on Comcast’s broadband, so I have a dynamic IP. Plus, my desktop is behind the Comcast router, a D-link router, and then a Linksys router. How in the world would I ever know how to get through to my computer?

If you could, please provide a link to a few articles that will help me get started using Remote Desktop. – Joe M.


Remote Desktop is a great tool for accessing another computer and viewing and controlling its desktop over the network. On a local network, no problem. It’s as simple as enabling the RD service on the host computer and entering that host’s information in the Remote Desktop Connection client program on the client computer. But you’re right – when you’re going over the Internet, you need a public IP to connect to.

There are a few different solutions. One is to use something like LogMeIn Hamachi, which creates a VPN through which you can Remote Desktop to the Hamachi address. Here’s a link:

Another service you can use to assign a fully qualified domain name to your dynamic IP address and detect and automatically change the address when you’re assigned a new one is:

Hope this helps!

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