How to set up a wireless network connection for a specific user

When you set up a wi-fi network connection on your Windows 7 computer, by default any user can use it. There may be situations where, for security reasons, you want to make a connection available only to a specific user account. Here’s how you do that:

1.- Click Start | Control Panel and select Network and Sharing Center
2.- Click Manage Wireless Networks
3.- Click Profile Types
4.- In the Wireless Network Profile Type dialog box, click “Use All-User and Per-User Profiles.”
5.- Click OK.

Now, when you set up a new wireless connection, Windows will ask whether the connection should be available to all users or to you only.

If you already have a network set up, you’ll have to delete it and create it again in order to make it available only to you.

To create a new wireless connection, in Manage Wireless Networks, click Add.

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