How to add a sleep timer to the Windows 7 Media Center

If you like to fall asleep in front of the TV, and you’re using Windows 7 Media Center to watch live TV or recorded programs, you can install a handy little plug-in that will shut down WMC at a specified time so it doesn’t just keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny. First step is to download the utility here:

After it’s installed, go to the Extras library and click the tile that looks like a pocketwatch with the green Windows logo on its face. You can select the preconfigured 30 minute or 60 minute shutdown, or create a custom timer length (such as 120 minutes), or you can set the actual time at which you want to shut down (such as 11:00 p.m.). You can also choose to have the monitor turned off, instead of shutting down WMC completely.

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