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How to include system files in the search index of Windows 7
julio 31, 2010

By default, the search index in Windows 7 doesn’t include system files – even when you add the system drive root to the index. This is a good thing for non-power users, but if you’re a techie, you might be looking for those system files. Here’s how to change that behavior and make sure you get the results you want:

  1. In Windows Explorer, click Tools | Folder Options
  2. Click the Search tab
  3. Click “include system directories” under the section “When searching non- indexed locations.”
  4. Under “How to Search,” check the option “Don’t use the index when searching in file folders for system files (searches might take longer)”

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Switch entre aplicaciones en su Blackberry
julio 26, 2010

Presione y mantenga presionada ALT y luego presione y suelte ESCAPE (la techa al lado de la bolita). Mueva la bolita para seleccionar la aplicacion y de enter (ya puede soltar ALT).

Para ir a la aplicacion anterior, presione y suelte ALT-ESCAPE

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Reinicie su Blackberry sin sacar la bateria
julio 26, 2010

Presione las teclas ALT+CAP+DEL

How to uninstall programs in Safe Mode
julio 24, 2010

Ever have one of those stubborn applications that won’t uninstall in normal Windows mode? You might have to boot into Safe Mode to uninstall it – but wait a minute. Windows Installer doesn’t work in Safe Mode, at least not by default. You can change that, though. Find out how here:

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How to make thumbnail previews in Explorer look like film reels
julio 24, 2010

Okay, this is admittedly not useful for anything; it’s just eye candy. But if you’d like to change the thumbnail preview pictures in Windows Explorer so that they look like snippets of film, with the little sprocket holes along the sides, it’s sort of cool. Here’s how:

  1. As always, back up the registry before making changes.
  2. Open the registry editor and navigate to the following key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ SystemFileAssociations \ image
  3. In the right details pane, right click Treatment and select Modify. vIn the Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialog box, change the hexadecimal value in the Value Data field to 3 (the default is 2).
  4. Close the registry editor and reboot the computer.

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How to stream your media files over the Internet with Windows 7.
julio 17, 2010

If you have music on the hard disk of your Windows 7 computer at home, you can play those files on your Win7 laptop when you’re away from home (yes, both computers have to be running Windows 7, any edition except Starter or Home Basic). How to do it? Set up remote streaming and connect your Windows Live ID with the user accounts on both of your computers. Here’s how:

  1. Open Windows Media Player and click Stream.
  2. Select “Allow Internet access to home media.”
  3. In the Internet Home Media dialog box, select “Link an online ID.” You must use the same Windows Live ID for both computers.
  4. Again in this dialog box, select “Allow Internet access to home media.”

Enter administrator credentials or confirmation if prompted to do so. Note that the home computer where the media files are stored can’t be a member of a Windows domain. In some cases, you might need to manually configure your router to allow streaming. Find out how to do that, and instructions for other scenarios, in this article:

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