How to take timed snapshots with your webcam

If you have a webcam set up on your Windows XP computer and you’d like for it to automatically take photos at timed intervals (for example, so you can see what’s going in your office while you’re gone), you can do it with a free PowerToy from Microsoft.


2.- In the right column that lists the various PowerToys, scroll all the way to the bottom and click the link for Timershot.exe

3.- Click the Save button to save the file to your hard drive and pick a location where you want to save it.

4.- After the file has downloaded, double click it to run the setup program.

Configure the Timershot settings to use your webcam device.

5.- Under “Picture Options,” set the interval at which you want photos to be taken (for example, every 1 minutes).

6.- You can have the pictures automatically resized if you want, and specify a file name and location where you want the pictures to be saved.

7.- Click Apply Settings.

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